Will Bettas Eat Shrimp? (The Surprising Answer)

Are you curious about what your pet betta fish can eat? If so, you may have thought about feeding them shrimp.

But will bettas eat shrimp? The answer may surprise you! In this article, we will uncover the truth about whether bettas can enjoy this tasty treat.

Well also look at the best ways to feed your betta shrimp, as well as any potential risks associated with this type of food.

So, if youre wondering whether bettas can eat shrimp, keep reading to find out!

Will Bettas Eat Shrimp?

Yes, bettas can and will eat shrimp, particularly when they are especially hungry or the shrimp is small enough to be swallowed whole.

However, this is not an ideal food for bettas, so it is not recommended to feed them shrimp as a regular food source.

Bettas are carnivorous and in the wild they primarily feed on insects, larvae, and worms.

Therefore, shrimp does fit into their natural diet.

But bettas are also omnivorous and usually require a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins, which is why commercially available betta food is formulated to provide this.

Feeding them shrimp as a regular food source can disrupt this balance.

Shrimp contain higher levels of fat than other foods, so if you decide to give them as a treat, it should be done so occasionally and in small amounts.

Too much fat can lead to health problems, like fatty liver disease and obesity.

Moreover, shrimp can be tough to digest, and can sometimes cause digestive issues.

If you notice your betta struggling to swim or appearing bloated, it could be due to the shrimp.

If you do decide to feed them shrimp, it is important to monitor them closely and look out for any signs of distress.

For these reasons, it is generally best to stick to a formulated betta food to make sure your fish is getting the balanced nutrition they need.

If you do want to give your betta shrimp as a treat, make sure it is done in moderation and watch for any signs of distress.

Why Is My Betta Eating My Shrimp?

Your betta may be preying on your shrimp for various reasons.

The most likely is that the betta is hungry and the shrimp is an easy target, as bettas are carnivorous.

The shrimp may also be seen as an appealing snack due to its size and slower movement compared to other fish.

It is also possible that the betta feels threatened by the shrimp.

Bettas are territorial and may attack other animals in the tank if they perceive an invasion of their space.

This is especially true with smaller fish such as shrimp.

If the betta is particularly aggressive, it may be attacking the shrimp out of hostility.

Finally, it is possible that the betta is simply curious about the shrimp.

Betta fish are known to be intelligent and can become bored in their tanks if not given enough stimulation.

The shrimp may be an interesting new thing for the betta to explore, and it is possible that the fish is simply trying to figure out what it is.

In any case, it is important to observe the bettas behavior.

If it seems to be attacking the shrimp out of aggression or hunger, you may need to take steps to separate them.

You may also want to provide more stimulation and enrichment to the bettas environment to keep it from getting bored and looking for new things to explore.

Do Marine Bettas Eat Shrimp?

No, marine bettas (also known as saltwater bettas) do not eat shrimp. This is because these fish inhabit saltwater environments, while shrimp prefer freshwater. Moreover, their diets are vastly different: while marine bettas are carnivorous and feed primarily on small crustaceans and zooplankton, shrimp are omnivorous and consume both plant and animal matter, as well as detritus.

In addition, marine bettas are solitary creatures and don’t live in large groups like shrimp do.

For this reason, they may not recognize shrimp as food and may view them as a potential threat.

Moreover, due to their smaller size, shrimp could end up being prey to a marine betta.

For these reasons, it is not recommended to feed marine bettas shrimp.

What Shrimp Can Live With Betta Fish?

Shrimp can be a great addition to any betta fish tank.

When selecting shrimp species that can live with betta fish, it’s important to choose ones that are compatible and have similar water conditions.

The most commonly recommended shrimp for betta fish tanks are the Amano shrimp (Caridina multidentata), the Bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis), and the Red Cherry shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata).

The Amano shrimp is a great option for betta fish tanks.

They are hardy and active, and they are excellent algae-eaters, helping to keep the tank clean.

However, they require well-oxygenated water and a strong filter, so they may not be suitable for betta tanks with weaker filtration systems.

The Bamboo shrimp is a peaceful species that generally gets along well with betta fish.

But, like the Amano shrimp, they need well-oxygenated water and a strong filter, so they may not be suitable for betta tanks with weaker filtration systems.

Additionally, they are filter-feeders, so they may compete with betta fish for food.

Lastly, the Red Cherry shrimp are a great choice for betta tanks because they are peaceful and tolerant of a variety of water conditions.

Plus, they are scavengers and will help keep the tank clean.

However, they are very small and may be considered food by some betta fish.

In summary, when choosing shrimp for a betta fish tank, it’s important to select species that can co-exist peacefully and have similar water conditions.

The most commonly recommended shrimp for betta tanks are the Amano shrimp, the Bamboo shrimp, and the Red Cherry shrimp.

Do Bettas Eat Cherry Shrimp?

Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, are popular freshwater aquarium fish that are known for their vibrant colors and long, flowing fins.

Although they are typically peaceful, they can be territorial and aggressive towards other fish, which is why they are often kept in solitary tanks.

When it comes to their diet, bettas can be fed a variety of foods, from frozen or freeze-dried food to live food like worms, brine shrimp, and even other small fish.

But do bettas eat cherry shrimp?

The answer is yes, bettas can and do eat cherry shrimp.

However, it is not recommended to introduce cherry shrimp to a tank with a betta, as the betta may see the shrimp as food.

As bettas are carnivores, they can be quite aggressive when it comes to obtaining food.

If the betta is particularly hungry, it may even attack the shrimp or other fish in the tank in its search for food.

For this reason, it is generally not advisable to keep bettas and cherry shrimp together in the same tank.

If you wish to feed your betta cherry shrimp, you can do so in a separate tank.

Make sure to provide the betta with its main source of nutrition in the form of frozen or freeze-dried food, while offering the cherry shrimp only as an occasional treat.

This will help ensure that the betta doesn’t become overly aggressive or hungry, and that the cherry shrimp are not at risk of becoming a meal.

Bettas can be an excellent addition to a tank, but it is important to understand their dietary needs and territorial behavior when keeping them with other fish.

Keeping bettas and cherry shrimp in separate tanks, and only offering the shrimp as an occasional treat, is the safest and best way to ensure the wellbeing of both species.

Final Thoughts

So, can bettas eat shrimp? The answer is yes! Bettas will happily eat shrimp, as long as it is cooked and peeled first.

However, shrimp should only be fed to bettas occasionally, as it can cause stomach issues if eaten in large amounts.

So, if you’re looking to give your betta a special treat, feeding them a cooked and peeled shrimp may be the perfect option.

Just make sure to feed them in moderation to keep them healthy and happy!


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