Are Mollies Hardy Fish? (The Truth About Mollies)

Mollies are one of the most popular fish species for aquariums, but how hardy are they? This article will answer that question and more, so read on to find out the truth about mollies.

We’ll cover their hardiness, their life span, and the ideal conditions for keeping them in an aquarium.

So, if you’re thinking of getting mollies for your aquarium, this article will provide you with all the information you need!

Are Mollies Hardy Fish?

Mollies are an ideal choice for beginner aquarists, as they are incredibly hardy fish.

They can survive in a range of water conditions – from freshwater to brackish – and temperatures, from 64F to 79F.

This makes them highly adaptable, and able to thrive in both small tanks and larger ponds.

Mollies are also omnivores, allowing them to eat a variety of foods, from plant and animal matter.

This gives them the right balance of nutrients to stay healthy and makes them easy to feed.

Overall, mollies are an ideal choice for any aquarist, due to their hardiness, adaptability, and tolerance for a wide range of temperatures and water conditions.

Are Mollies Easy To Keep Alive?

Mollies are a type of fish that can be kept in an aquarium, and they are fairly easy to maintain.

Generally, they need a warm and clean environment to thrive, as they are sensitive to water conditions and don’t tolerate too many changes.

For their habitat, a 20-gallon aquarium is recommended, as it gives them enough room to swim and explore and establish territories.

Moreover, a high-quality filtration system and heater are necessary to keep the water clean and maintain the temperature.

Mollies are relatively peaceful creatures and can get along with other similar-sized fish, provided they have enough space.

Their diet should be balanced and consist of commercial fish flakes, frozen brine shrimp, live insects, and vegetables.

In summary, mollies require the right environment and care to stay healthy and live for several years.

With the right conditions, they make a great addition to any aquarium.

How Many Mollies Should Be Kept Together?

The number of mollies that can be kept together depends on various factors, such as the size and type of the tank, the size of the individual mollies, and the types of mollies.

Generally, it is best to keep one male molly with two or three female mollies in a tank of at least 10 gallons per molly.

The larger the molly, the more space it needs, so a larger tank may be required for larger mollies.

Additionally, the size of the tank should be proportional to the number of mollies; for example, if you have four mollies, you should have a 40-gallon tank.

It is also important to remember that not all mollies can be kept together, as some may be more social or aggressive than others.

Therefore, it is essential to research the types of mollies you have and make sure they can coexist in the same tank before adding them.

What Temperature Do Molly Fish Like?

Molly fish (Poecilia sphenops) are a species of fish native to Central America and parts of Mexico that have become a popular choice for aquariums and fish tanks.

To ensure they live a healthy and happy life, it is important to maintain the right temperature in the tank.

Molly fish are tropical fish and prefer warm waters of between 75F and 82F (24C and 28C).

This temperature range is suitable for both adults and fry, but if the temperature drops below the ideal range, molly fish can become stressed and may become ill or die.

In addition to temperature, molly fish prefer a pH level of 7.


5 and a hardness of 8-20 dGH.

They also prefer a well-oxygenated and clean environment, with plenty of plants and hiding places.

To maintain the health of the fish, the tank should be regularly cleaned to remove toxins and pollutants.

In conclusion, molly fish need a warm temperature range of 75F and 82F (24C and 28C) and a certain pH level, hardness, and environment.

Furthermore, regular cleaning of the tank is essential to ensure the fish remain healthy and happy.

Which Fish Can Live With Mollies?

Mollies, part of the Poecilia genus, are a type of tropical fish that can make a great addition to any home aquarium.

They are hardy fish that usually get along well with other peaceful species, making them ideal tank mates for other fish in the Poecilia genus such as platies, guppies, corydoras, and swordtails.

Other peaceful fish from other genera, such as tetras, danios, and gouramis, can also live in the same tank as mollies.

However, it is important to avoid aggressive tank mates like cichlids, as they may cause stress or harm to the mollies.

Additionally, it is important to ensure the tank is large enough for all the fish and that the water parameters are within the ideal range for all the species.

By carefully selecting the right tank mates and providing a suitable environment, mollies can live happily and peacefully with other fish.

Are Mollies Schooling Fish?

Mollies are a species of fish that are known to school, meaning they prefer to live in a group rather than alone.

This behavior is an evolutionary adaptation that helps with survival, allowing them to better evade predators and access food sources.

Mollies are native to Central America and have been introduced to other parts of the world, becoming an invasive species.

In the wild, they form large schools, sometimes numbering in the thousands or millions.

In a home aquarium, keeping at least six mollies is recommended to provide them with a sense of security.

Popular among aquarium hobbyists, mollies are a hardy fish that are relatively easy to care for.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and have a peaceful nature that makes them a great addition to a community tank.

Overall, mollies are an excellent choice for home aquariums, providing both color and activity.

It is important to keep them in groups to ensure their health and well-being, as they form strong social bonds with other mollies.

Final Thoughts

Mollies are an ideal choice of fish for aquariums, due to their hardiness and long life span.

They do best in warm, clean water with plenty of vegetation, and they can even survive in salt water.

With the right care, mollies could be a part of your aquarium for many years to come.

So, why not take the plunge and get some mollies for your aquarium today?


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